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Tech Talk - Monetização de APIs

  • Inscrição: https://www.sympla.com.br/tech-talk---monetizacao-de-apis__779159
  • Palestra: Tech Talk - Monetização de APIs
  • Quando: Dia 11/02/2020 (terça-feira), das 19:00h às 20:00h
  • Onde: Sanar
    Edifício Office & Pool, 3ro Andar 192, R. Alceu Amoroso Lima, 172 - Caminho das Árvores, Salvador - BA,
  • Palestrante: Raphael Rodrigues
  • Biografia: Raphael had started his professional career in IT industry a 13 years ago working as full stack developer mainly using Java Platform (Java EE / Jakarta EE stack).

Raphael studied the Java EE background and over Web Applications Developer, interested in dynamic languages, software design best pratices and more corporative knowledge the years took out all Oracle certifications from the platform, including Oracle Certified Master Java EE Enterprise Architect.

Over the years, Raphael has worked in different roles, such as: Consultant, Development Leader, Pre-Sale and Enterprise Architect.

Nowadays, Raphael is working as Software Architect in a medium size company called Extreme Digital Solutions located at Rio de Janeiro, BR. In his role, he is in charge of large team of java developers and he is also responsible for defining the best practices and architectures for each project in the company.

In addition to the Java platform, Raphael has experience under Oracle middleware products in development methodologies such as Scrum, Agile, Kanbam, and is passionate about Devops practices.

Se eu estivesse em Salvador iria com certeza nesta aí!